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Web Design E-Commerce Package

Hi and welcome to the information page about the E-Commerce Package Web Design Offer. In this article we will cover as many of the basic questions you might have concerning this offer

What is the E-Commerce Package?

It is a 15 page website with 2 mandatory pages. A typical structure is a Home page, Products/Services pages with different categories and a product catalogue, an About page, a Blog/News page/pages and a Contact page. The mandatory pages are non-negotiable, these are the Privacy Statement Page and the Terms and Conditions. These two pages are especially relevant to business owners and blogging websites.

Business Intro Package Features

  • Four standard web pages – example

  • Two compulsory legal pages

  • News or Blog pages

  • A Product and or Services Catalogue

  • Unlimited Product Categories

  • Unlimited Products

  • Logo Design

  • Up to 4 Image Sliders, up to six slides each

  • A latest Posts/News pager

  • Featured Products Pager

  • Banner images on all pages without sliding image headers

  • Image galleries or light-boxes

  • WordPress CMS

  • Unlimited Email addresses set-up

  • E-mail list registration set-up

  • E-mail client set-up (Mailchimp)

  • 4 Contact Forms

  • Social media integration, 6 social media platforms

  • Online identity and Brand awareness

  • SEO ready

  • Google listing

  • Fully responsive on all devices

  • Cross browser testing to ensure a consistent look and feel.

  • Self editing

  • 16 Hours or two days on-site WordPress training

  • Weekly website security analysis, back-ups and updates

E-commerce Package features explained

The Fifteen Web Pages

A website generally has 4 four web pages, but here at Degreeck Web Design we know that working on the internet opens up a whole new can of worms.

There are two very important subjects which has to present on any website, a Terms and Conditions section and a Privacy Statement section, consequently we feel that it would be unfair to charge someone for something that is an absolute must have. After all, protecting your interests in-turn, protects our best interests.

E-Commerce Package Products and or Services Page

A products/services page will first of all beautifully showcase your key areas of business. Furthermore it will emphasize your most noteworthy products and most of all convert visitors into paying clients.

Blog or News Page

It is very important for any business to connect with prospective clients on an ongoing basis. As the saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind. The best possible way to accomplish this is by adding a blog or news page to your website. Not only does this give site visitors constant updates on your products, it is also a great way of informing readers of any changes in your business, product range or even technological breakthroughs in your industry.

Although the aforementioned facts are relevant to maintaining contact with your target audience, a Blog page ads something that money can’t buy. It is the best SEO tool there is.

Every time you write great articles that are especially relevant to your niche and share them all over your established and integrated social media network, you are building back-links. Re-shares by other people further confirms your product and business legitimacy to Search Engine Crawlers. This is the secret ingredient to optimal SEO.

E-Commerce Package Terms and Conditions Page

This page is especially relevant to business website. In this page we specify terms and conditions related to the use of the website, terms of conducting business and copyright specific information.

E-Commerce Package Privacy Statement Page

You are collecting data from site visitors to compile a mailing list. It is important that visitors are fully aware of what data you collect, why and how it will be applied.

Logo Design

If your business doesn’t have a Logo, we will design one. We research your business, your product, your niche and your industry, consequently we design graphics that are especially relevant to your niche.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is our CMS of choice although there are many other very good content management systems out there, we prefer WordPress.

Firstly the CMS is very easy to learn. Upon completion the client can add and remove content without worrying about breaking the site. Security is good and can be upgrade furthermore. Finally, most noteworthy is it is free and open source. We can dig into the source code and customize it to our exact requirements.

E-Commerce Package Email list registration form

Mailchimp is a very powerful online marketing tool. The truth is that a visitor that registers for such an email is a real lead.

This person is truly interested, this means it is time for the abc of sales – Always Be Closing!

E-Commerce Package Email Client set-up

So, you have ten people registering to receive you email newsletter a day – Awesome! Or is it?

Sending the same email to 300 people using the conventional “cc” method robs you of valuable time.

We integrate Mailchimp as an email client. This hugely simplifies the process of bulk email sending. Compose emails in your spare time and schedule it to be sent at a specific time.

A very powerful tool. It frees up time for go-getters who don’t have time to waste with mundane tasks, but still want to have a personal connection with clients.

E-Commerce Package Online Identity and Brand Awareness

This goes hand-in-hand with social media integration. We fully integrate all your social media profiles so you can share your content easily across all platforms.

SEO is an ongoing science. While you create new blog posts on your website and share them across all the platforms, you are building back-links. As a result this improves your website’s SEO ranking.

E-Commerce Package Social Media Integration

Social media integration of up to six key platforms that are most relevant to your niche. We do industry specific research to determine which media platforms are the absolute best for you niche. This ensure that your marketing campaigns reach your intended markets.

Time is one commodity that we can never get back. Therefore we believe that no business should spend countless hours posting Facebook posts, LinkedIn is better.

For example a Personnel agency wanting to connect with top level prospective employees wouldn’t use Facebook.


Finally, after completion and sign-off of the website the client takes all responsibility for periodic content updates. Because the WordPress platform is constantly upgraded and updated Degreeck Web Design will do a weekly check-up to ensure all is well.

E-Commerce Package 16 hour WordPress training

Content is key when it comes to high SEO rankings. We include 16 Hours of on-site (within 100km radius) WordPress and Gimp training, ensuring your content writing and images are optimized for the web. This is very important for mobile visitors. The last thing you want is people leaving your website without even being able to load a page.

In Conclusion

Content creating, writing and updating packages are available.

We develop E-Commerce Package websites with an Agile development approach, consequently updating the website and/or adding new features is always at the minimum cost possible.


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