Online Real Estate

Or should we rather say virtual estate? I think that would be a more precise definition, but allow me to explain what this actually means for your product, business or even yourself as a professional individual.

Your website should be fashioned in a manner that converts visitors into clients, it should be representative of your BRAND IMAGE and concisely convey your message to visitors, but most importantly it should be the centre of your entire online identity.

There are literally thousands of social media portals out there today like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube just to name a few of the biggest and most commonly used and each one of those has it’s own place and purpose.

Let me explain: So, you have a business proposal, but your target market will determine how you approach prospective clients. Someone in the corporate world for example would arrange board meetings with various market related companies. Someone in the construction industry would most likely take a few guys on a hunting or golfing trip and someone in the beauty industry would most likely arrange such meetings at trendy venues. The same rule applies to online marketing.

Your website should be structured, designed and maintained according to your industry specific needs and be linked to and integrated with those platforms that would best suit your Brand or Product.

If your product is something that changes on a daily basis like journalism it is important that you have constant content updates that can be broadcast around the world by the mere click of a button, but if your product is something that gets built over time – again like construction, such constant updates are not really that necessary. You would rather have a profile featuring past, present and upcoming projects.

With all of this in mind, it becomes quite clear why your website should represent your brand or image to the tee. You really don’t want to waste money set-aside in your marketing budget selling swimming pool equipment in Antarctica. Research is key to targeted marketing strategies, know which platforms to use, how to use them and when to use them. There really is no “one-size-fits-all” solution and there never was.

We here at Degreeck Web Design can honestly say we know our stuff, but no-one knows everything and every piece of Virtual Real Estate has it’s very own demands. We care enough about our business partners to do research. Research about YOUR BRAND, YOUR PRODUCT and YOUR INDUSTRY  – in the end it is the only way we can grow OUR INDUSTRY.

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