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Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

To successfully market your product or service you will need an online marketing strategy. Any person who sees marketing in his enterprise as an expense is set for failure – guaranteed.

In a previous article I referred to President Donald Trump and I’m afraid I’m going to do it again. His second rule in business is “Marketing, marketing, marketing”.

People will not buy your product if they do not know that you are selling it.

Developing your Online Marketing Strategy

The Five point online marketing strategy:

  • Your website is the focal point
  • Identify key platforms to engage prospective clients
  • Research the competition
  • Know your market
  • Build an funnel

Your website is the focal point of your online marketing strategy

Regardless of which social media platforms you are going to use. Despite your email marketing campaign and aside from all other marketing mediums you employ. The end goal of an online marketing strategy is to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Marketing is an investment and not an expense. This approach will have you keeping tabs on the growth of return on investment.

Identify key platforms to deploy your online marketing strategy

Most visitors to your website will be from social media platforms. Identify which platforms are favored by your target market. Develop an online marketing strategy that will engage your target market and divert them directly to your website.

Although it is true that most visitors from social media links will not necessarily convert into sales. There is one invaluable asset that they do add. They build backlinks.

Backlinks are key to high SEO ratings. You can do all the other SEO tricks like an SEO scientist, but if you don’t build backlinks then your search results ratings will most definitely suffer.

People who find your website after a Google search are more likely to become paying customers. This is where the magic of SEO really comes to light. Building your online presence and Brand image.

Research the opposition – do your online marketing better

It does not help to beat to the same drum as everyone else, do something different. In South Africa for instance, not many companies use Instagram as a marketing tool, but most young people prefer this platform above facebook.

An exceptional brand awareness campaign on this platform might just make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It is also a platform designed to suit visual online marketing campaigns better than the blogging or news feed type of build that is so prominent in Facebook.

A well structured online marketing strategy will have photo or meme type ads for instagram, articles shared from your website for facebook and a video ad campaign for Youtube.

Always look at how your competition makes themselves relevant and do the same, but always add something more. It is the small things that add exactly what is needed to appear on the first page of a Google search result.

Know your target market

The use of Google analytics as a testing tool to assess the origin of your site’s visitors is mandatory. This tool provides real time data and illustrates where your online marketing campaign is most successful.

Test as many online marketing platforms as possible and gradually disperse of those that are redundant.

You don’t want to waste money on an intensive Pinterest campaign when it yields a quarter of the results a Facebook or Google ads campaign does.

Online Marketing Strategy – the funnel

What do we mean when we say create a funnel in terms of a n online marketing strategy?

A funnel in an online marketing strategy includes, but is not limited to all the various platforms we intend to use and the strategies for each individual platform that will drive prospective clients to our websites.


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