About Us

Who Is Degreeck Web Design?

Degreeck Web Design is a small Web Design company situated in Wonderboom, Pretoria.

It was started by me Derick van Zyl at the beginning of 2017. 

Our History


It all started with a straight-forward WordPress blog.  I started the blog due to my love of writing – especially sports writing and rugby in particular.

It wasn’t long though before I discovered there were many things I wanted to do with the blog, but just did not know how. Also I did not know where to begin – I had zero coding knowledge.

This prompted me to enroll at Get Smarter – UCT’s online training program. Here I studied Web Design and acquired my certificate.  

Our Mission statement


After I acquired my certification I thought: “This is it, I’ll get a job as a web developer and get to build awesome websites.”

-Uhm…not quite. It turns out nobody is really too keen on employing a person at the ripe age of 36 in a junior position to start a completely new career. I can’t really blame them, can I? 

How does the saying go again? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Well, I still have my heart set on building amazing websites and nothing would stop me from reaching my goals, so I took a different approach to doing an ‘Internship’.

I started asking my facebook friends if anyone has a business for whom I could build a website for free – yes, that is correct – totally free.

He agreed and I started building his site named: sciroccoairconditioning.co.za. I learned many things building his site – one of which was that you can’t really do anything with HTML and CSS alone. You need to know Java (jQuery) and PHP too. Static websites are no fun. It has to be dynamic. Scirocco’s website is still a work in progress and I will attend to it again pretty soon, but for now, it is up and running, he can send and receive emails and I absolutely have to generate some sort of income.

I also believe one always has to do something for the greater good in life – I believe in Karma. The Afrikaner people and the reverse apartheid inflicted upon us is a matter very dear to me and for this reason when the Facebook page Boere Krisis Aksie was removed from facebook (they had 189 000 members on that group), I took it upon myself to build them a website so as to negate the effects that Facebook’s unfairness has on my people. The name of my charity site is fnsa.co.za and I urge you to go have a look at it. Also another site where I am constantly trying new things and honing my trade.

My mission therefore is to make a difference in life by fighting for what is right.


Our Future


Who knows what the future really holds in this beautiful crazy world? All we can really do is always do our best and if we fail, never fail to learn from it. 

I would love to believe that in the near future we’d have a brand new office with a nice amount of employees applying their trade both for the betterment of themselves as well as humanity as a whole. 

Latest Projects

Scirocco Airconditioning is a supplier of Gree Airconditioners based in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Front Nasionaal is a South African political Party